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Our running injury treatments

For runners we provide the most comprehensive services in the Southwest of England with our unique and award winning combination of Physiotherapy, 3D motion analysis and run coaching. For more information on our 3D motion analysis please visit our Run Lab site.


 For new or recent injuries

We assess each injury in detail as no two injuries are ever the same. Our hands-on treatments include soft tissue therapies, electrotherapy, joint mobilisations and taping. We’ll use the best combination of these for your specific symptoms, to get you back to running as quickly as possible. 

For on-going or recurrent problems

This is where our Running Clinic excels. Cornwall Physio specialise in the treatment of Chronic and persistent pain, as well as in the treatment of running injuries. Combine the 2 with an on-going running injury and you really have come to the right place! The key to treating on-going running injuries is correct diagnosis. Often with ongoing problems runners have previously been misdiagnosed or given incorrect advice. We get to the bottom of what the problem really is and more importantly why you are getting it. We assess how you move and why you move that way by looking at your strength, flexibility and running technique. In 2017 we became one of the first locations in the UK to offer Motion Metrix 3D gait analysis, to provide gold-standard assessments for running injury and performance.

With 3D we can measure exactly how you move and how best we can improve running economy, joint loading or stride symmetry.

We can screen for any weaknesses or movement imbalances that are contributing to injury. By correcting these technique faults alongside traditional Physiotherapy treatment, we get runners with Achilles pain better in the quickest possible time.



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