VIVOBAREFOOT Barefoot Running Coach

16th March 2012

Lou is the first UK-based Physiotherapist to complete the prestigious Vivobarefoot coaching with Running Expert Lee Saxby.

From March 2012 she will be providing coaching sessions in Cornwall, U.K; including 1:1 technique coaching; Running-injury specific coaching, group sessions and workshops. Barefoot Coaching is for anyone looking to improve their running speed and performance; as well as those looking to overcome an injury or reduce their risk of future running injuries.

Lou with Lee Saxby at VIVOBAREFOOT London

“The course with Lee Saxby was fantastic, i have improved my own technique and am now running with greater ease and comfort than i have in a long time. I am looking forward to using my new skills to help my clients, and also to discussing barefoot running within the context of pain science and modern pain treatment.

As a pain treatment Barefoot running is not just about changing biomechanical forces; its about skill acquisition, and improving body awareness. Learning to run skilfully can be both challenging and fun”

Click here for more information on our coaching sessions.

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