Keeping Cornwall running in 2015

31st December 2015


Wow, another year has passed! 2015 seems to have flashed by, it’s been busy! Thank you to all of our clients for your ongoing support. It’s been fantastic keeping you all running and helping so many of you to achieve your personal goals. Thank you to the International Running Clinic for once again ranking us as the region’s ‘super-specialist clinic’ for runners.
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In 2015:

  • We assessed over 2000 running injuries
  • We treated over 600 runners with sore knees
  • We rehabbed 200 sore Achilles including several runners with longstanding symptoms
  • We helped 27 runners with on-going ITB problems (1-10 years in duration) get back to running pain free
  • We worked with 30 runners who had undergone surgery, to feet, ankles, knees, hips and a couple of spinal surgeries
  • We helped more than 200 runners with lower back pain and/or sciatica
  • We performed over 400 technique assessments and helped these runners to run faster and more efficiently
  • Clients travelled to see us from all over the UK- a new record for ‘distance travelled to visit us’ was a runner from Bournemouth who took an 8 hour round trip just for an appointment with us. We feel honoured!
  • Some notable highlights in 2015 were a very sunny and cold Stormforce race in January, the Roseland August Trail (RAT) race in August, and late in December this year the Scrooge. ‘Parkrun’ in Cornwall has gone from strength to strength this year and is really helping to bring new runners into the sport. The year has also seen some amazing achievements by many new runners, some fantastic PB’s and London Marathon Championship start qualifying times by our speedy runners. We have also seen some incredibly gutsy performances by our Ultra Runners and GB Team Runners.
    scroogeIzzy Wykes was Cornwall’s very own superwoman representing GB in the world 24-hour track championships and completing Spartathlon. izzy pic

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