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“We Help Active Adults, Athletes And Runners In Cornwall to Move Better, Stay Active And Keep Doing The Things They Love, Without Frustrating Aches and Pains.”

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Put The Joy Back Into Everything You Do.

At CORNWALL PHYSIO, we help you live life to the fullest; To get out and enjoy activities with family and friends again – without niggling aches and pains. Walk the beautiful coast path. Run faster and smarter around the park – or the streets of Tokyo, Berlin, Chicago or New York.

In simple terms, we help you surf, swim, or whatever you enjoy doing without painkillers, steroid injections or worrying about past, present or future injuries.

We work with performance athletes. But we also work with grandparents who want to beat their grandchildren in a 100m sprint. Post-surgery teenagers itching to get back on the pitch. 70-year old daredevils with new knees and hips, cycling from Land’s End to John O’ Groats with the wind in their hair. And everyone - regardless of age or performance level - in between.

With chronic pain or an injury you've picked up from sports or exercise, it’s tempting to try and ignore and hope it'll magically disappear. You imagine if you wait long enough, you'll wake up one morning and everything will be back to normal. But, in our experience, this is rarely the case – unless it's something minor. Then it'll probably resolve within a couple of days.

Pain that persists or gets worse requires professional help – to find the root cause and prevent further aggravation.

It's all too easy to get into the habit of popping painkillers or putting on a heat patch and "battling on". The pain goes away for a while, but your long-term health can suffer – especially with ibuprofen and other anti-inflammatories. Plus, all you're doing is masking it to come back with a vengeance later.

Maybe you've already sought help from healthcare professionals or a physiotherapist. However, you still have symptoms, and you’re confused about what to do next or sceptical about further treatment.

Does this sound like you?

If it does, rest assured you’re not alone. At CORNWALL PHYSIO we hear this all the time… People who come to see us often have:

  • Had this issue for weeks, months, maybe even years.
  • Thought the pain would go away on its own - but it hasn’t.
  • Been to the GP numerous times, only to be told to “rest” and “take some painkillers”.
  • Had to sit on the sidelines, miss competitions or bail out of races.
  • Thought resting would help, but it's made the pain/stiffness worse. Or, resting did help, but the pain came back when exercising again.
  • Bought expensive new trainers or walking shoes, but the pain is just the same.
  • Waited six months for a 10-minute appointment with an overstretched NHS physiotherapist. Then two weeks for a follow-up appointment – whilst getting more and more frustrated by the downtime.
  • Have an extensive collection of foam rollers, acupressure mats, support bandages, special insoles, resistance bands or tennis balls. But still, the pain continues.
  • Tried every conceivable type of remedial exercise on YouTube. Still, nothing makes a noticeable difference, or the pain got even worse.
  • Been convinced by family and friends that aches and pains and slowing down is a natural part of getting older.

But you’re not a quitter, are you? No, neither are we.

Sound Familiar?

If you can relate to any of the statements above, we’re here to help you get back on (the) track. Don’t continue to suffer in silence. Book a call to talk to a physiotherapist at our St Austell clinic now to find out what we can do to help. And don’t worry, if you’ve tried numerous tactics already, like many of the people we see, that’s a GOOD THING. You have a head start – you already know what doesn’t help. We’ll quickly help you find what does.

To book your complimentary call, click the link below to get some expert advice over the phone and start your recovery process. It’s a free call with absolutely no obligation to go on to book treatment. We may even ascertain over the phone that you don’t need physiotherapy. In which case, we’ll signpost you to the help you need for your particular issue.


Lou Nicholettos

MSc, BSc (Hons) MCSP, AACP

Clinical Specialist Physiotherapist and Running Specialist

CORNWALL PHYSIO was founded by LOU NICHOLETTOS - a Clinical Specialist Physiotherapist and Running Specialist. As well as being one of the UK's leading authorities on running-specific physiotherapy and the science of human movement. Lou is Cornwall's go-to physio for problematic aches and pains, including sports injuries and spinal pain.

Lou has been helping runners, athletes and active adults – who want to stay as active as possible and perform to the absolute best of their abilities, for over 15 years.

She is one of the best clinicians in the UK and treats athletes from across the South-West and beyond from her base in St Austell, Cornwall. Lou counts the Great British Hockey Team, numerous Great Britain runners, triathletes and international competitors in Athletics, Rugby, Netball, Snowboarding and Swimming among her many happy customers.

The guiding principles that underpin her physiotherapy practice are to create a quality private clinic with world-class facilities, right here in the South West. And to help you perform at your best, whatever your hobbies, goals or competitive aspirations.

We Help You:

  • Stay active - so you can run after your children or grandchildren, surf, swim or play golf; Run, hike or whatever you enjoy doing.
  • Stay free from painkillers so you can stop masking the pain – and protect your long-term health from adverse side effects.
  • Avoid dangerous surgery we help you find the root cause of your aches and pains – often within 20 minutes. So you don't get to the point of drastic surgery further down the line.
  • Diagnose what’s wrongknowing what’s wrong is essential for your peace of mind. We quickly find the cause and put you on the fast-track to recovery.
  • Get your life back so you can move past your current limitations and get back to doing the things you love. Sleep better. Enjoy quality time with friends and family again. And, if you’re a serious competitor – or even an enthusiastic amateur, start winning races again.

Our goal is to help you put the thrill of the race and the adventure back into your life. You might be a teenager - fresh off the starting blocks, or a silver surfer - intent on squeezing every last drop out of life. It doesn't matter. We help you overcome the limitations of chronic pain or injury.

To find out about costs and availability at our physiotherapy clinic in St Austell, please click the button below and complete the short form:

“Here Are 3 People We’ve Helped Recently

Please enjoy watching these case-studies of other people just like you who came to see the Physiotherapy Team at Cornwall Physio - and left much healthier and happier within just a couple of weeks:


Paul Maskell

40’s - St. Austell

“I've found that coming here regularly not only has sort of stopped any niggles becoming injuries but it's also just helped my training. Regular maintenance here keeps me on track. Whatever level of runner you are or whatever sport you do, this is the place to come.



40’s - St Mawes

“These guys are so friendly and warm and lovely, and then also seriously, seriously good at what they do. They, weren't just trying to get me just out of pain. They were really trying to get me back on my feet, able to run again, able to be at my best again.



30’s - St. Austell

“Lou and her team know what exercises they can give me to make me stronger and to just improve my running efficiency even more. I've got lots of friends and family that use them, and we've all progressed in our running careers.

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