Anti-Gravity Treadmill Rehab

NASA-Designed Anti-Gravity Treadmill Rehab And Training

Anti-Gravity Tredmill

This treadmill is a NASA designed and patented piece of equipment that allows you to start partial weight-bearing exercise a lot quicker than conventional methods.

The device can 'un-weight' you to anywhere between 20% to 100% of your body weight allowing people with joint replacements, Achilles injuries, ankle sprains, arthritis, sports injuries and many more ailments to exercise pain-free with reduced impact. 

Anti-gravity treadmills are in every premiership football, and rugby club in the country. As well as the top sports rehabilitation facilities and we're excited to bring this incredible technology to Cornwall. Tennis star Andy Murray recently used this same treadmill to rehab after his hip surgery.Unlike hydrotherapy, where the natural gait pattern changes, the anti-gravity treadmill keeps the regular gait movements allowing a much more precise and specific rehab. With hydrotherapy, it's hard to apply a specific body load, and it takes no more than 40% of your body weight away. With our Alter-G, you set your body weight anywhere between 100% and 20%. This smart technology allows you to rehabilitate and add body weight for gradual improvements.

We’ve introduced this state-of-the-art rehab tool to help you recover as quickly as possible from injury or surgery and aid performance, weight loss and general health.

Anti-Gravity Benefits:

Walking and Running at reduced body weight allows athletes to:

  • Keep exercising and maintain fitness when injured.
  • Recover faster from sports injuries including tendon problems, shin splints, stress fractures and knee pain
  • Recover faster and more fully from foot and ankle, knee or hip surgeries
  • Exercise with less stress on joints
  • Lose weight and improve wellbeing
  • Improve running speed and gait symmetry 
  • Increase training volume and recovery

At Cornwall Physio, we use our anti-gravity treadmill during our Physiotherapy sessions for single sessions or block sessions. Give us a call to find out more, or email:

Anti-Gravity For Performance:

Increase Training Volume

Marathon and Ultra-marathon runners use anti-gravity training to increase their training volume without increasing injury risk. Mo Farah's coach has previously spoken about supplementing his athletes' standard training with running on an anti-gravity treadmill. His runners typically complete around 80miles a week outside and then up to 40 miles a week at slightly reduced body weight.

Over-Speed Training

This method is training your nervous system for faster speeds. Typically, you can run 1kmph faster for every 10% of body weight you remove. This training allows speed work without increased joint loading. At Cornwall Physio, we use science to help you perform better.

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