Physiotherapy treatments




45 mins

Treatments are tailored to your individual needs. We help you to recover quickly using a combination of soft tissue treatments, joint mobilisations, acupuncture & electrotherapy. We'll also help you to move better with exercises specific to you & your goals..


Diagnosis &Treatment


45 mins

Expert diagnosis from one of our specialist Physiotherapists. We'll help you to understand your symptoms, what's really causing them and what you can do to help yourself. We'll let you know realistic timeframes and what to expect as you recover.

We provide the most suitable treatment for  your symptoms, which usually includes a combination of techniques for joints & soft tissues. We'll start with these right away, so you can leave the assessment feeling better. 

Longer Assessments are also available*




30 mins

New for 2018 you can now chose express follow-up treatments. Your Physio will advise on the best treatment lengths for your symptoms during your assessment.

About our appointments

We bring you true value, with Clinical Specialist Physiotherapists and evidence-based treatments. We keep wait times to a minimum, so we can start making you feel better as soon as possible. No more bad advice to simply rest and take painkillers. Our goal is to get you moving and feeling better again as quickly as possible.

*Our reputation means we often see clients from the far corners of Cornwall and beyond. Is this is you, you may prefer to arrange longer consultation times. Longer assessments can also be great fro complex conditions where you have lots of history to tell us or multiple aches and pains. Please get in touch if you'd like to chose a longer assessment time and we can arrange an appointment tailored to your your needs.

Why choose Cornwall Physio?

We help people to a life without painkillers
We help you to avoid surgery
We help you to feel better in the quickest possible time