3D printed Orthotics  


3D Footscan And Phits 3D Printed Orthotics Are Now Available At Cornwall Physio.

The Only Physiotherapy Clinic In Cornwall Offering This Technology!

Orthotics are an Excellent Choice for…

  • Injury prevention
  • Customising the fit of running, cycling, golf or work shoes
  • Pain in your heel or ball of the foot
  • Ankle, shin, knee, hip or lower back pain
  • Collapsed arches or Tibialis Posterior tendon problems
  • Achilles or Peroneal tendon problems
  • Stress fractures or neuromas


Footscan technology at Cornwall Physio allows us to measure specific loading patterns occurring in the foot and ankle during gait. This technology is the most accurate way for us to assess movement in the foot and to treat issues including injuries to the foot, ankle, shin or knee.

Here at Cornwall Physio, we combine Footscan with our other movement assessments in The Run Lab to help you perform and feel better with fewer injuries. 

About our Orthotics

Phits orthotics offer the latest in insole technology. Using the Footscan, we collect your dynamic movement data, which creates the design for your 3D printed insoles. Historically, insoles were made from looking at you standing still, here at Cornwall Physio we look at how you move.

  • Optimal efficiency
  • Superior stability
  • Extreme durability

Watch This Video To See How We Fit Our 3D Printed Orthotics Insoles for Running or Sports.

Phits customise insoles for sports including Running, cycling, skiing and golf.

If you want to stay active and move well, orthotics are a great choice. They are the best way to make your running shoes fit correctly. Most people have one foot slightly bigger than the other, and most people's feet move very differently left and right. This difference means that running shoes are never a true fit for both feet. With 3D printed orthotics, we make sure your sports shoes precisely fit your foot movement. Phits orthotics are used by professional athletes from sports, including running, cycling, football, golf, and skiing - to optimise performance and reduce injury risk.

The Future of Orthotics

In the world of custom orthotics, there are a lot of choices. But Cornwall Physio & The Run Lab are the sole distributors in Cornwall for Phits 3D printed orthotics. Phits are at the forefront of 3D printing. But we also use a cutting-edge pressure scanner to analyse your gait, and individual biomechanics, making the orthotic customised to your foot. The scan captures your foot through all of its dynamic positions. This precision allows our clinicians to see pinpoint accurate pressures on your feet during activities, as opposed to older techniques that don't capture the dynamic component.

Just some of the conditions Phits insoles help are flat feet, plantar fasciitis/heel pain, pain in the ball of the foot, and arch pain. The Phits scan can also indicate future areas of risk providing our Physios important information that we use in your treatment. Phits orthotics are a great way to treat current problems and help prevent future problems with your feet and ankles.

Lou Nicholettos

We are proud to bring these incredible insoles to the South West.
To find out more please drop us an email to admin@cornwallphysio.co.uk or give us a call on 01726 815189.

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