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"The Best Gait Analysis And Movement Testing In The South West. At The Run Lab®, All Of Our Sessions Are Carried Out By Specialist Physiotherapists, Who Are Experts In Biomechanics And Injury Diagnosis."

Perfect Your Stride

The Run Lab: Technique - 3D Gait Analysis

This 3D gait analysis shows you how you move and which areas you need to work on to improve your running technique. So you can run faster or further and reduce the chance of injuries. The Run Lab: Technique is our entry-level 3D gait analysis and suitable for any level of runner, including beginners...

Run Faster and Further than you Ever Have Before

The Run Lab: Injury - 3D Gait Analysis

For ongoing running injuries or niggles, this is the ultimate diagnostic session, combining 3D gait analysis with Physiotherapy assessments.

We use a combination of tests specific to your problem, including 3D gait analysis, foot-scanning and force plate tests. We also perform a full physiotherapy assessment and clinical evaluation. It’s perfect for runners with ongoing aches or pains, or those prone to knee pain, shin pain or calf tightness. We diagnose precisely WHAT the problem is and WHY it's happening. Finding the root cause in this way helps us remedy the issue and prevent future problems.

Common problems we see in runners include knee pain, shin pain, ankle or hip, foot or ankle pain and sciatica. To complete this gait analysis session, you need to be able to run comfortably for 3-5 minutes. Suppose you are currently unable to run at all, due to pain. In that case, we recommend you start with one of our Physiotherapy assessments and add 3D gait analysis once symptoms improve.

The Data-Driven Way to Win at Running

The Run Lab: Performance - 3D Gait Analysis

For experienced runners, this 75-minute session is the ultimate 3D gait analysis to improve speed and endurance. Previously only available to professional athletes, these sessions are for runners who can run faster than a 9-minute mile pace. They're also popular with club runners, ultra-runners and runners looking to achieve race PB’s on track or road.

Sessions are specific to your individual needs, but usually include 3D gait analysis PLUS force plate testing of muscle function. The level of detail in these assessments is second to none. We are proud to provide the ultimate in running assessment here at Cornwall Physio. Here to help you to move better, run faster and reduce injuries.

The Smart Choice for Serious Runners

The Run Lab: Professional - 3D Gait Analysis

For competitive/elite runners, we provide bespoke 3D gait analysis sessions to guide your training and performance. Please speak to the team for further details of this 2-hour intensive session and how we tailor it to you.

You Only Get Out What You Put in

Runners / Athletes’ MOT

We also provide performance testing and movement screens, including Force Plate testing of power, symmetry and stability. These sessions find potential issues before they occur, so you know which bits to stretch or strengthen – to guide your training for the best possible results.

These sessions are for anyone looking to improve sports performance or prevent injury. Not just for runners. They’re great for team-sport players, gym users, runners, triathletes and cross-fitters, too.

Do You Know Which Session You Want?  

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Paul Maskell

40’s - St. Austell

“I've found that coming here regularly not only has sort of stopped any niggles becoming injuries but it's also just helped my training. Regular maintenance here keeps me on track. Whatever level of runner you are or whatever sport you do, this is the place to come.



50’s - St. Austell

“I have complete trust in the treatment that I was being offered. I just knew as long as I sort of did what I was asked to do I would see results and I was delighted with how quickly I managed to turn around what was quite a depressing injury into being able to run without pain.



30’s - St. Austell

“Lou and her team know what exercises they can give me to make me stronger and to just improve my running efficiency even more. I've got lots of friends and family that use them, and we've all progressed in our running careers.

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