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Want to Run Faster? Further? or Overcome Injuries?

Cornwall Physio is the Region’s leading clinic for Runners. we are ranked as a ‘super-specialist centre’ by the interantionally renowned ‘The Running Clinic’ site.

Since 2010 we have been helping runners of all levels and ability’s from across Cornwall and beyond. Lead Physiotherapist Lou Nicholettos combines her Physiotherapy expertise with qualifications in biomechanics, technique assessment and run coaching, having been taught by some of the world’s experts. Lou is a certified barefoot running coach and a Pose Running technique specialist. At Cornwall Physio she combines education and experience from muliple disciplines to bring Cornwall a specialist clinic for all runners. Whether you have a new injury, complex or multiple problems or you just want to run faster, our running clinic can help.

Get back to running as quickly as possible

Run faster & more efficiently

Stay running injury-free

We provide a complete solution for injured runners including diagnosis, technique analysis, coaching and treatment. Because we do everything you won’t need to be passed from person to person being told different things, or need to rely on communication between clinicians and coaches.

Reduce your risk of injury

Our technique assessment and improvement programmes can be completed whilst you are injury-free to improve your running efficiency and strength, helping you to perform at your best and reduce your risk of injury. We can provide group sessions or workshops to groups or running clubs. We’re also available for injury prevention workshops & presentations. Contact us at: to find out more.

If you’re currently injured

For new or recent injuries we have Physiotherapy assessments and treatments from Specialist Chartered Physiotherapists. We can diagnose your problem and provide hands-on treatment including joint mobilisations and manipulations, soft-tissue therapy, electrotherapy, acupuncture and exercise rehabilitation, to help you to recover and get back to running as quickly as possible.

On-going or recurrent injuries

If your symptoms are lasting for a long time or you keep getting injured, then its worth finding out why.Technique and functional movement assessments are an invaluable addition here to our standard injury assessments. We diagnose your injury as well as finding out why you’re getting injured.

Running performance

We help you to run faster and more efficiently. Our technique coaching sessions are suitable for any level of runner from complete beginners to elite competitors. We use detailed video gait analysis and provide you with an individualised programme of running drills and exercises. In this way we’ve helped hundreds of novice runners run efficiently and stay injury free. We’ve also helped some of the fastest runners in Cornwall to get even faster!

To find out more or book a treatment email:  or call 07824 700934


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