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Cornwall Physio Provide Barefoot Running coaching using the VIVOBAREFOOT training methods. Lou Nicholettos was the first Chartered Physiotherapist in the UK to become a VIVOBAREFOOT certified coach, having been taught by barefoot biomechanics expert Lee Saxby.

Many runners become interested in improving their running form due to persistent injury. Barefoot running provides a great conditioning tool and learning environment for mastering the skill of running. As a Physiotherapist, Lou is able to diagnose injury and guide each runner through a individualised rehabilitation programme. In this way, injured runners don’t need to visit a Physio and technique coach separately and can concentrate on getting back to running injury-free as quickly as possible.

Our barefoot coaching is not just for aspiring barefoot runners! Runners wishing to stay in more traditional footwear can use barefoot technique coaching to transition to lighter, faster and more minimalist footwear or just to learn to move more efficiently. These days we combine several different coaching methods in our sessions, based on our experience coaching hundreds of runner. We often include barefoot coaching methods in our standard run coaching sessions. Most runners see huge benefits when they incorporate barefoot movement into their training.

Heres a quick video demonstrating running technique before and after coaching.

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