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Gait analysis at Cornwall Physio

Clinical Gait Analysis provides valuable information for injury diagnosis and performance enhancement. Your running form will be analysed by Chartered Physiotherapist Lou Nicholettos, as part of any ‘Extended Physiotherapy Assessment’, ‘Run Analysis’ or ‘Barefoot Running Coaching’ session. Clinical Gait Analysis is completely different to gait analysis that you might have had in running shoe shops as we look at the bigger picture of why you move the way you do and analyse your movement from head to toe. For example, you might have been told that you ‘over-pronate’ at your ankles. Pronation is not necessarily a problem and can be influenced by several different strength, flexibility, anatomical and running technique-related factors. It’s important to look at the bigger picture of why the ankle moves the way it does.

 Complete injury diagnosis

 Analysis by a Chartered Physiotherapist

 Injury prevention

 Improve performance

 Functional movement analysis

Research does not support the idea that minor leg length differences, arch height or degrees of pronation, correlate to a higher risk of running injuries. However, the WAY we run reveals many dynamic factors that are significantly associated with running injuries. This is why evaluating running technique is so important to injury treatment and prevention.
For our Gait Analysis we take video footage of your running form in all planes of movement. You’ll be filmed outside to get the most accurate picture of how your move. We also perform functional movement tests to look for why you move the way you do. If you need shoe recommendations we can do that too, as our clinic is based at the Personal Best Running Shop.

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