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Pose Running Coaching with Cornwall Physio

What is Pose Running?

Pose Method® of Running technique, aka POSE Running, is the most biomechanically efficient way to run. Developed in former Soviet Union in the 70’s and included in the textbooks at the turn of the 21 century, Pose Running was published in America in the 90’s and is now taught and practiced all over the world. It is used by athletes of all levels and non-athletes of all ages. Pose provides a blueprint of optimal movement which any runner can work towards.

There are 3 invariable or fixed elements to any runner’s technique: the pose, the fall and the pull. All runners transition through these positions. There are also variable elements to running technique and it is here that deviations away from optimal running occur. For example an inefficient runner will take longer to move between the point where they first make contact with the ground and the pose position (where the weight bearing foot is under the hips). By observing elite runners you will see these principles in practice. Faster runners tend to move with a higher level of skill and will move between the invariable poses of running with greater efficiency, and fewer deviations. All runners can learn to move more efficiently, running is a skill just like swimming, playing tennis or hitting a golf ball.

Our Coaching

Cornwall Physio offers a truly unique service with our Running technique assessments and coaching being provided by Chartered Physiotherapist & Running injury expert, Lou Nicholettos. The combination of Physiotherapy with running biomechanics expertise, means we can help runners at every stage and level of experience. Lou has been taught by some of the world’s leading experts on running technique and injury treatment. Running technique assessment and coaching is suitable for:

Injury prevention

Performance improvement

Rehabilitation of complex or chronic (ongoing) injuries

Booking a session

Initial ‘Run Analysis’ sessions are 60-minutes and include a detailed analysis of your current running form, movement patterns and any injuries. The coaching process then involves a series of individualised drills to begin your journey towards more efficient running. For Runners travelling a long way to see us, there is also the option of 90-minute initial consultations and/or Skype follow-up consultations. Sessions can be tailored to your individual needs, please call or email to discuss these.



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