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Running is Flying! How we can Alter Gravity to help you walk and run again!

Anti-Gravity Treadmill

One of the best things about Cornwall Physio, in my opinion, is our anti-gravity treadmill, and that’s a pretty big claim since we have so many awesome bits of tech here. Here’s why…

The Alter-G gives you the power to start walking and running again many weeks, even months before you would normally be able to do so in your recovery.

It is Literally Breaking the Rules of Gravity!

Running typically generates the force of 4-6 times your body weight, which has to be absorbed and recycled by your body in a split second as you spring from stride to stride.

When you are recovering from injury, progressing from walking to running again can be a huge leap, and one that often results in frustration and failure.

Drum Roll…. Enter the Alter-G…

Thanks to our AlterG “anti-gravity” treadmills NASA-derived technology, it requires only the touch of a button to increase the air pressure around the lower body, lifting, reducing strain, and minimising impact on the legs—allowing the patient to exercise and strengthen injured or weakened limbs.

Imagine running without the hard impact that keeps aggravating your injured knee, or that sore Achilles. Imagine your first pain free walk after having major surgery.

These are just a few examples of the powerful moments we share with our clients every day of the week. It truly is an amazing invention, cheers NASA!

Lou Nicholettos

Lou Nicholettos

MSK Specialist Physiotherapist

“We have been able to have patients that are recovering from injuries start to run up to a month before they would have been able to normally,”

So how could this aid your recovery? Here are some of the benefits...

  • Early weight bearing exercise post surgery - This can help speed up bone healing post fracture, or help you to get used to a new joint without compensation strategies developing. Likewise if you’ve had a cartilage, ligament or tendon injury/ repair.
  • Return to running protocols that help you get back out on the roads/ trails quicker - Using the Alter-G we can phase the return to running and reintroduce that load in tolerable increments.
  • Gait training - if you have had an injury or illness that affects your walking we can help you to learn to walk confidently again

If you think you could benefit from our treadmill training then call us for a free telephone consultation with one of our Physiotherapists today.

John Hodgkiss

John Hodgkiss

Hand-picked by Lou, John has already earned a great reputation for treating sports injuries here at Cornwall Physio. Chartered Physiotherapist and deep massage specialist, John is the "go-to" expert for anyone suffering with tight, tense, torn, stiff or achy MUSCLES (..sports or not). John is the “king” of the clinic when it comes deep tissue massage, and his number 1 skill is likely to be your best option if you’re looking to recover fast from tired muscles. He is also a rehab and return-to-sport specialist and regularly seen guiding our patients through their anti-gravity treadmill sessions. John is also a keen runner and hoping to achieve a sub 3-hour Marathon in 2020!
John Hodgkiss

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