Stuck At Home Hurting or in PAIN? But Still Need Help To Stay Active, Healthy, and Independent?


These Virtual Physiotherapy Visits Are Helping People Like You Get Back On Track To Being Active, Mobile And Independent So You Can Continue to Do What You Love While YOU Are Socially Distancing Yourself

  • Are you currently stuck at home and dealing with an injury or pain?
  • Would you like to talk to an expert about what you can do (right now) to start to get some relief... without having to leave your house?
  • Are you interested in reclaiming your health even while we are under the "Safer at Home" orders?
  • Are you bored or needing some hope - and would love to tell us about your injury or pain?

If this describes you- then fill out this form below and we will be happy to set up a time where we can schedule a free phone consultation for you to tell us about your pain/issues and for us to help you understand a little more about what might be going on and if Telehealth would be a good fit for you.

Here are the Answers to Some of the Questions that we Get Asked the Most:


How does Virtual Physiotherapy work?

It’s really simple! It is just like a standard visit except we aren’t physically there. Instead, you get to see and talk to us on your phone or computer screen from a location that is convenient to you. There isn’t a lot of technical set up either--if you can click a link we email to you, you can handle the tech aspect of it.

You will get the same level of care that you have come to expect from Cornwall Physio. Many of you that have received treatment in our office know that a big component of our sessions is actual hands on work to help you feel and move better. Of course there is no way for us to actually do our hands on work virtually, but that doesn't mean we can't get you the same outcomes that you expect. In a virtual session, we are able to show you techniques you can do at home to elicit the changes needed for you to start feeling better.


Who is Telehealth Physiotherapy for?

Telehealth Physio is a great fit for the majority of people.

As we go through the free Discovery Visit, we make sure that you really are a good candidate for physical therapy. If you do qualify to work with us, we can get you on the road to getting rid of your pain and getting back to the activities you love. If not, you will at least find out what is going on and we will refer you on to the right kind of treatment to help you with whatever it is you are dealing with.

We know that you have things that you want to do and we are here to help you achieve those goals. Whether it is relief of back or neck pain that has been nagging you, guidance on how to improve your workouts, how you might need to adjust your makeshift COVID work-from-home-office, or practical advice on how to improve your running to finally complete that 5k that has been one of your goals, we are able to help and guide you every step of the way.


What will my session look like?

Most of your session will look much like what you are used to in your typical Physio session. It will begin with a conversation to gain an understanding of your history, symptoms, and goals. Your therapist will then bring you through an examination just like they would if you were in the clinic. From there they will have an understanding of what is going on and develop a plan of action to help you reach your goals.

Following your appointment, you will receive an email summarizing your session including your diagnosis and your individualized plan. Your therapist will include your Home Exercise Program so you can continue with your exercises and plan.


What will you do if you cannot do hands-on work?

We know how much manual therapy (dry needling, manipulations, cupping, and soft tissue mobilization) can help improve outcomes; this is why we often utilize it in our treatment sessions. While we cannot provide it virtually, we are able to teach you several strategies that you will be able to do yourself. For many people these strategies can even be more effective in delivering instant pain relief than our traditional style of treatment. Hands-on care is great, but the exercises and healing movements are the critical piece to achieving long lasting results- and this can be delivered seamlessly through your virtual session.

Want Help to Decide if Telehealth Physiotherapy is Right For You?

Talk to a Physiotherapist First

If you are overwhelmed or confused by advice you’ve received from friends, doctors, web articles, etc, or just aren’t sure if you would be able to do physical therapy through your computer or phone, then this call is perfect for you! By scheduling a call-back with a Physio, we will help you make sense of it all. Click here to let us know a bit more about your problems so we can help get you back to being healthy, active, and pain free

Enquire About Cost & Availability

If you feel confident that this is the direction you want to go and that we can help you, please fill out this brief form and tell us exactly how we can help you. The more we know, the better we can help you get relief, get a plan, and get back to the things you love . . . Just click to continue

How is your pain limiting you? Is it keeping you from playing with your kids, exercising with friends, getting your work done, socializing and traveling, or getting a good night’s sleep? We specialize in helping people like you return to an active lifestyle without pain medication or surgery.

Our Specialist Physiotherapy advice can help you get to the root of the issue and find a long lasting solution, whether you’ve just started to suffer, you’ve been dealing with this for a while and the advice of continued rest and taking over the counter medications is not cutting it anymore, or you’ve already tried many other treatments. Or maybe you are a very health-conscious person and already know that Specialist Physiotherapy is your best option. Are ready to enjoy the same transformation in your health just like the hundreds of others of our happy Cornwall Physio graduates? Are you looking to improve your ability to stay active and watch as your pain levels drop faster than you ever thought possible?

What Other People Just Like You Are Saying About Cornwall Physio


Paul Maskell

40’s - St. Austell

“I've found that coming here regularly not only has sort of stopped any niggles becoming injuries but it's also just helped my training. Regular maintenance here keeps me on track. Whatever level of runner you are or whatever sport you do, this is the place to come.



40’s - St Mawes

“These guys are so friendly and warm and lovely, and then also seriously, seriously good at what they do. They, weren't just trying to get me just out of pain. They were really trying to get me back on my feet, able to run again, able to be at my best again..



30’s - St. Austell

“Lou and her team know what exercises they can give me to make me stronger and to just improve my running efficiency even more. I've got lots of friends and family that use them, and we've all progressed in our running careers..

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