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The Run Lab Gets a Makeover!

Run Lab

Our 3D Gait Analysis Just Got Even Better

We’ve made a few changes to the clinic this Spring, including moving The Run Lab® into a dedicated Biomechanical Assessment Room. Our new gait lab is home to all of our testing equipment including our famous 3D gait analysis, plus our Footscan, force-plates and Anti-Gravity treadmill.

Having a dedicated space means we can now perform our running gait analysis, injury diagnosis, performance testing, orthotic assessments and rehab, all within a purpose built space.

The Run Lab®, our unique movement testing service, only available here at Cornwall Physio, has seen a number of advancements since we first began providing 3D gait analysis back in 2017. We’ve gone on to have one of the very best equipped Physiotherapy gait labs in the country.

Cornwall Physio have become pioneers in the world of clinical gait analysis and our motion testing services mean we can get the best possible results for our clients. We absolutely love helping runners to move better, run faster and get back on track after injury.

Now we know that running looking at yourself in a mirror can be off-putting – and looking at a blank wall is just plain boring, so we conducted a small survey and the outright winner for our new Run Lab wall covering was an inspiring trail leading up The Matterhorn.  

Run Lab

Remember this? Our trusty woodland scene was home to The Run Lab from 2017-2021. 

Run Lab

The trees have been replaced with the mountains and a stunning blue sky in our new look gait analysis lab

Gait Analysis & Motion Testing at Cornwall Physio

3D Gait Analysis for Performance or Injury diagnosis

All of our 3D gait analysis sessions are carried out by Chartered Physiotherapists, so we’re not simply looking at shoes or even just running technique. Instead, we can look at the complete picture of why you move the way you do and what you need to do to improve. We have sessions designed to help you move better and prevent injury, work towards specific goals and even to improve your running economy or speed. We also have sessions where we can diagnose the root cause of any injuries, aches or pains. Our gait analysis can be used to assess running and/or walking gait.

Here’s a reminder of what we do in some of our most popular sessions…When booking The Run Lab© you have a choice of sessions depending on your level of running – be it a novice or new to running or a seasoned competitive runner, and whether you are injured or recovering from injury.


Perfect Your Stride with The Run Lab Technique.

These sessions are suitable for virtually anyone, as long as you are able to run for 5 minutes at a 12 minute mile pace or above then we will be able to gather enough data to analyse your running mechanics. Using this 3D gait analysis, we can guide you through any changes needed to increase your efficiency, reduce your risk of injury, or work towards a specific running goal.

The Run Lab Injury Assessment:

The ultimate injury diagnostic session. We’ll test your body AND your running to find the root cause of any injury, ache or pain. These sessions combine clinical Physiotherapy tests with 3D gait analysis and allow us to design a bespoke treatment plan to get you back to running at your best. Our specialist running Physiotherapists have over 20 years combined experience in diagnosing running injuries and assessing gait. We were also the first Physiotherapy team to start interpreting markerless 3D data, so we can really understand what your results actually mean.

Every runner, and every running injury, is entirely unique. These sessions allow us to work out why you are getting injured and exactly what you need to do about it. You'll also learn about how you can improve your running.

Injury Assessment

Your Physio’s Musculoskeletal knowledge, combined with the running data can really pinpoint any weakness and help build a rehab plan specifically for you.

Injury Assessment

For injuries where foot and ankle movements are important, such as shin pain, Achilles problems and some knee pain, we can also use the FootScan to test the forces within the foot. This kit also allows us to design custom orthotics and/ or test the effectiveness of your running shoes.

The Run Lab Performance:

The Smart Choice for Serious Runners

This session adds crazy amounts of extra data for competitive runners. We’ll test your movement patterns across multiple speeds to find data specific to optimizing your training and performance. We can also look at injuries and strength imbalances using force plate testing. These sessions work best for runners who race at 7min/mile pace or faster, or just want lots of data!

Force Plates

The Force Plates can also be used for performance focussed runners, to analyse the thrusts given by an athlete during walk, running and jumping. The platform detects and measures accelerations, reaction times and possible thrust defects.


This allows the Physio to evaluate the postural stability, the explosive force, the power and the reaction force from the ground. It measures direction, strength, reactive muscle activation time and other parameters and forces produced during specific movements, analysing motor patterns and applying kinematics to dynamics.

Combining this with your running performance data can give us an even more in-depth evaluation of your overall performance and means we know exactly which areas you need to focus on in training, in terms of running and strength or mobility work.

We are very proud to be able to bring the very best technology to Cornwall and will continue to enhance our offering to you, the athlete, no matter what level you deem yourself to be.

By combining all of these assessment techniques into the one room we have created a very unique Biomechanical Assessment Lab that can help any athlete at any level.

Lou Nicholettos

Lou Nicholettos

Lou has TWO Masters degrees- from the University of Birmingham and Kings College London. She is a Clinical Specialist Physiotherapist with over 15 years Physiotherapy experience. During her career she has been taught by and worked alongside, some of the most highly regarded international experts in Physiotherapy and Pain Science. Lou has become Cornwall’s go to physio for complex aches and pains, including sports injuries and spinal pain. Her areas of special interest include running injuries, tendon injuries, back pain and nerve pain. As a Running Specialist Physio Lou has quickly gained a reputation as one of the very best clinicians in the UK and treats athletes from across the South-West and beyond from her base in St Austell, Cornwall. Lou has provided Physiotherapy for the Great Britain Hockey team, numerous Great Britain Runners and Triathletes and international competitors from the sports of Athletics, Rugby, Netball, Squash and Swimming. Having worked with and been taught by some of the best Physio’s in the World, Lou founded Cornwall Physio to create a quality private clinic with world class facilities, right here in the South West. With Her Wealth Of Expertise, Lou Will Help You Perform At Your Best Whatever Your Hobbies And Goals.
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