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10th July 2017
Louise Nicholettos

Introducing 3D gait analysis at The Run Lab

We’re super-excited to announce that Cornwall Physio have become one of the first centres in the UK to introduce Motion Metrix 3D gait analysis. We heavily researched available gait software before choosing Motion Metrix, which is in our opinion the most advanced and intuitive gait technology currently available in the World.

The Run Lab has been our ambition for several years now. As you know, Cornwall Physio has established itself as one of the best Running injury clinics in the UK and over the last few years we’ve been seeing increasing numbers of clients travelling to see us, not just from across Cornwall, but from Devon, Sommerset, Dorset, and even the Midlands and London. Our commitment to providing the best possible service for our runners and continuing interest in the relationship between running biomechanics, technique changes and injury, created the concept of a Physio clinic combining state of the art gait analysis with specialist Physiotherapy.

The Run Lab is a new centre of excellence for Running Injury and Performance, right here in the South West

The Run Lab will provide 3D gait analysis aimed at either (or both) Performance and Injury. 3D gait analysis brings us the ultimate detail on how a runner moves, enabling us to make improvements to technique, performance and injury risk.

Our old 2D methods

Before The Run Lab, full body, 2D gait analysis and technique coaching were commonplace in our running injury assessments for over 7 years and played a huge part in our success in treating runners. We would video our runners using an iPad and some basic running shop 2D computer software. However, 2D images have many limitations and rely on huge assumptions regarding the application and direction of forces and interpretation from the individual performing the assessment. Put simply, 2D image only looks at the shapes or positions our body gets into (and very roughly), but it can’t tell us how these positions are actually affecting our running economy or joint loading. It’s also impossible to accurately measure change following clinical intervention or coaching.

3D gait analysis provides exceptional detail

With Motion Metrix software we can simultaneously measure running economy, joint loading and stride symmetry.


Introducing 3D gait analysis from July 2017. This is where things get really fancy! With Motion Metrix software we can simultaneously measure running economy, joint loading and stride symmetry. The level of detail and accuracy possible with the software also means that we can make minor changes to technique, footwear or insoles and immediately see exactly how they are affecting our running.

The Run Lab will provide sessions suitable for all levels of runner, from complete beginners, to international athletes. With incredible detail to tell us how you move, we can make technique improvements and exercise prescriptions specific to each individual and measure what’s actually working for each runner.

To find out more visit our new Run Lab website and Facebook page. We hope you’re excited as we are about this new facility for the South West. Please share the news with your running friends, clubs and coaches. Cornwall Physio has gone 3D!

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